ProcureCon 2017

17 - 19 October, 2017

Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

+44 (0) 207 368 9465



  • ProcureCon EU 2016 - Attendee BreakdownProcureCon EU 2016 - Attendee Breakdown
    As the longest running procurement event in the region, ProcureCon Europe has welcomed over 3500 passionate procurement professionals over the past 17 years. Mixing visionary presentations from Chief Procurement Officers with practical, interactive ‘how to’ case studies from proven procurement experts, ProcureCon Europe helps businesses increase their Return on Procurement (RoP).

    In 2016, ProcureCon attracted the highest number of VP and senior-level procurement experts year on year.
  • Procurement Challenges | A ProcureCon WhitepaperProcurement Challenges | A ProcureCon Whitepaper
    In the following report we’ll dive into some of the key issues which came to light during out research for ProcureCon 2016.

    These include how digitalisation and the automation of procurement processes are changing the face of the industry, the role of big data and data management and how procurement strategies are being adapted to incorporate these concepts.
  • Procurement ChallengesProcurement Challenges
    For our second annual Procurement Challenges Benchmarking Report, We surveyed 123 senior procurement professionals across Europe.

    Our goal? 

    To find how the industry has evolved since in just a year, and what these changes mean for you.
  • ProcureCon Indirect Benchmarking ReportProcureCon Indirect Benchmarking Report
    Viewed through a simplistic lens indirect procurement is a straightforward enterprise:get a good deal on the equipment, consumables and services which a business needs to operate.

    A question which is not always considered is what the strategic significance of this is, how it ties in with wider business objectives and how quality and value are taken into account.
  • Virtual Collaboration - Enhancing Your Travel ProgramVirtual Collaboration - Enhancing Your Travel Program

    Virtual collaboration is a growing trend, with the market expected to double in the next four years. With the right program and technology in place, teams can work together from anywhere at a fraction of the cost, and without the productivity loss, stress and risk of travel.  When you enable your employees with the knowledge, tools and support to identify and use the collaboration option that best fits the purpose, you're putting your Total Collaboration Management strategy to work to make the most of your virtual technology investment.

    Beyond improved ways of working for your employees, implementing a Total Collaboration Management strategy offers:
    • Reduced travel spend.
    • Enhanced traveler satisfaction.
    • Increased productivity.
    • Reduced carbon footprint.
    • Stronger global working relationships.
    • Increased employee retention.