Procurecon 2018

October 09-October 11, 2018


44 (0) 207 368 9465


Create your Digital Procurement Workplace with wescale! The digital transformation poses new challenges for companies and purchasing departments across all industries. Staying ahead of the market requires the ability to adapt to current and future technologies, to make use of new vertical business development approaches, and to strike out into new directions of collaboration and networking with partners and suppliers. As an open business integration platform, wescale enables firms to put their digitization strategies into action. With integrating all apps in one single system, purchasing can provide quick access to new technologies, solutions and tools for strategy-compliant procurement in order to create the best digital procurement workplace for all employees. wescale comes with a set of smart modules and features for guiding the user through every step along the purchasing process and providing him with the relevant information, contact persons, and applications. This way, users can always behave according to the underlying strategies and contribute to a successful digital change.

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