Procurecon 2021

8 June 2021



Jim Hemmington, Head of Procurement, Interview

Read this exclusive presentation by Jim Hemmington, Head of Procurement at the BBC as he gives a case study presentation & speech on re-structuring 67% of outsourced services at the world's largest broadcaster.

Top 10 Reasons Supplier Qualification Fails and 10 Ways To Ensure Success

This webinar will cover the common mistakes and provide more info about successful qualification programs. We will address issues from a national as well as a global perspective, and offer helpful tips for success when designing a program.

How to outperform in Indirect Material through cross-functional Design for Excellence

In this keynote from ProcureCon Indirect you will learn:

How a global IMS set-up with centralized reporting lines and integrated deployment in Markets enables performance?
How to effectively involve functions and markets to optimize demand and supply base? 
What are the most effective tools and methodologies to drive success in Indirect Material & Services?

Levi Strauss - Global-led Procurement Strategy

Read an exclusive interview with Celeste Smith, Director of Global Indirect Procurement at Levi Strauss & Co

Find out:

  • How indirect procurement is structured at Levi’s?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of having a small team?
  • What is Levi's biggest procurement challenge?
Plus lots more...

The Evolving Role of Procurement

We got together and spoke to some of the leading experts in procurement at ProcureCon Indirect 2014 to ask them how they saw the role of procurement evolving in the next two to three years.

How to make indirect procurement part of the customer relationship to generate revenue for your business

Disruptive innovation: How to make indirect procurement part of the customer relationship to generate revenue for your business
What steps can you take to move procurement closer to the customer relationship
How can you take tasks and responsibilities that you perform for the business to package to sell to your custoemrs?
What methods can you use to increase customer loyalty

An Insider’s Guide to Reducing Risk in Your Global Supply Chain

Do you feel that your ability to assess and mitigate risk in the supply chain is lacking? 
If so, you are not alone – risk analysis is one of the biggest skills gaps in procurement teams today, according to the 2015 ProcureCon Europe benchmarking report. 
Watch our webinar on reducing risk in your supply chain