Nestlé Works To Provide Nutrition And Food Security Across The Globe


Food security and nutrition are as much a part of the COVID-19 relief and management effort as drug treatments, or measures for cleanliness and sanitisation. In collaboration with its supply chain, distribution, and retail partners, Nestlé are working to ensure that much-needed food, pet foods and beverage products are available around the world.

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These efforts¹ are being undertaken with full consideration to prevailing requirements for health and safety. On top of its normal strict hygiene standards, the company has been implementing additional safety measures in its factories, offices, and distribution centres. Nestlé’s office-based employees are encouraged to work from home whenever possible, while workers in factories and distribution centres are eligible for free meals and transport. All hourly and salaried staff affected by temporary stoppages are entitled to payment in full, for a minimum of twelve weeks.

[Image source: Pixabay]

Elsewhere, Nestlé is providing support to medical institutions, food banks, food-delivery networks, and relief organisations in the front line of the fight against the pandemic. And Nestlé scientists are working closely with physicians to develop a new medical nutrition treatment protocol, specially tailored for COVID-19.


1. “Our response to COVID-19”, Nestlé

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