Procurecon 2019

15 - 17 October, 2019

Hesperia Barcelona Tower Barcelona

44 (0) 207 368 9465

Why we Sponsor ProcureCon Europe

DHL Resilience360 are a risk management tool, supply chain risk management tool. They’re a startup within the company DHL, but they’re their own entity.

We spoke to Silja Kunde, Sales Specialist at DHL Resilience360 to see why they sponsor ProcureCon.

Who: DHL Resilience360

Where: ProcureCon Europe

When: October 2018

What: Exhibition booth and Case Study Presentation

Benefits: Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products and services & leading edge on the competition. Their speaking position helped shaped the discussion at the event

The organisation of the event is very professional and helpful. Everybody onsite made sure that everything was correct. I really liked that.

I think, for us especially as we're supply chain risk management tool, it’s a very interesting audience here, very interesting people. Different than the other conferences and fairs we go to, there are different companies. I was very happy with the caliber of job title and company, it was good. It was also a good thing that it's not too big, that you can just walk around, you know all the faces. I think that was also really good.


We had the best booth here, we were very happy with that. Really, it was amazing, because everybody came out. My colleagues said the same; the booth location was perfect for everyone. The fact that it included a sofa was great, People sit there, you get in touch, and talk to each other, even though they are maybe not be interested in you, they have interesting conversation, it was very convenient.

We want to come back and we want more of the same. The networking opportunities have been good, very good. I really liked that, because it was has also been different to other conferences and fairs, because you had a lot of little breaks in between the presentations. The lunches were really great for networking.

If you’d like to join DHL Resilience360 at Procurecon Europe 2019 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.